Aziz Ansari actually chatted in regards to the intimate misconduct allegation against him like a grown-up

It wasn’t perfect, but their brand new act that is standup a very good exemplory instance of what things to state whenever you’re accused.

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Aziz Ansari attends a presentation for the fashion label ceremony that is opening September 10, 2017, in new york. Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Previously this week, Aziz Ansari straight addressed the sexual misconduct allegation against him the very first time since issuing a quick statement year that is last. And he achieved it in the standup work.

“There were times we felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed, and ultimately we simply felt terrible this individual felt because of this, ” Ansari stated at a “pop-up” show in New York on Monday evening, in accordance with Vulture’s Jesse David Fox. “But you understand, after per year, the way I feel I hope it had been one step ahead. About any of it is, ”

Ansari had been dealing with the allegation, posted on the internet site, while they were on a date that he had pressured a woman to have sex with him.