by Sarah Galvez and Danica Lacson

A bit of eyeliner, and her long wavy dyed hair, Juana could pass younger than her original age of 55 with her red lipstick. Juana is gorgeous whether or not she wears only an ordinary shirt that is white olive jeans.

Each day, she waits inside the sari-sari booth associated with Amore KTV Bar at Kamias path, watching hundreds of cars go by, viewing men that are different the said Bar. Foreigners or locals, she views them. Sometimes, she’s to become a waitress or an escort when they’ve been too many.

A three-story building with basic accommodations for almost two years now, she has been living in the bar. It became her sanctuary and even if working in that condition with all the risk of getting harassed and abused, she thought we would remain since it’s the only path she views to obtain away from poverty.